Le Misanthrope

From 17 december 2014 to 23 march 2015
Running time : 2h50 avec entracte
Salle Richelieu

Alceste is in love with Célimène, an independent-minded young woman who, following her recent widowhood, has taken to presiding over her own salon. Troubled by a trial whose outcome he fears, Alceste goes to her home, accompanied by his friend Philinte, whom he reproaches for his complacent attitude towards society. He wants his mistress to publicly declare her affections to him. But he hadn’t counted on the unexpected arrival of a gentleman who writes terrible poetry, two Marquis of the Court, Célimène’s cousin Eliante, who has taken an apartment above Célimène’s, and Arsinoé, who warns Célimène that there are rumours circulating about her character. The Misanthrope depicts a society free from parental and religious influence, whose social veneer peels away as soon as desire is aroused. Over the course of a day, while being pushed to the limit by Alceste’s uncompromising resistance to all forms of social niceties, the characters reveal the contradictions of human beings who obey reasons of the heart that are unknowable to reason.