Les Estivants

From 7 february 2015 to 25 may 2015
Running time : 2h50 avec entracte
Salle Richelieu

Like every summer, Bassov and his wife Varvara join their friends at a seaside dacha. Here, withdrawn from the world, fifteen idle individuals gather, spending their days discussing love, death, art or revolution. But two new characters, a committed intellectual, Maria Lvovna, and a poet short of inspiration, Shalimov, will upset the harmony among the holidaymakers, forcing each to take a stand. After two months of holidays, far from the city and its attention to appearances, tongues loosen, resentment surfaces and veiled conflicts come to the fore. Living in a twilight world, on the threshold of a new era, these summerfolk reveal their naked truth in the tension of an existence in the making.