Le Côté de Guermantes

after Marcel Proust
adapted and directed by Christophe Honoré

Théâtre Marigny

April June 2020
Available soon

Théâtre Marigny

Le Côté de Guermantes

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Available soon

For his first production at the Comédie-Française, filmmaker and theatre director Christophe Honoré has chosen the third volume of the seven that make up « In Search of Lost Time », which Proust began writing in 1913.

The Narrator is a teenager at this point, and has moved to Paris with his family, to live in an apartment at the Hôtel de Guermantes, whose salon he dreams of attending. The Guermantes own a castle near Combray where the boy has already admired the portrait of the Duchess Oriane, a figure who becomes the focus of his fascination. Christophe Honoré shows that this volume is first and foremost the incarnation of an aristocratic family name, inaccessible but suddenly within the Narrator’s reach: “Sometimes, hidden deep in her name, the fairy is transformed by the shifts of our imagination, through which she lives; such was how the atmosphere in which Madame de Guermantes existed within me began to lose its colours, after years of being only the reflection of a magic lantern and a stained-glass window.” Describing a farewell to childhood and the discovery of amorous illusions, this book is also a rare account of the bonds of friendship, forged here between the Narrator and the Dreyfus supporter Saint-Loup.

It is at the Théâtre Marigny, a stone’s throw from the gardens where the character’s grandmother suffers a dizzy spell that heralds her illness, that Christophe Honoré and fifteen actors from the Troupe take on the supreme sensitivity of Proust’s language. The director who has already brought The Princess of Cleves and The Metamorphoses to the screen, who recently staged his own play, Les Idoles and will present Tosca at the 2019 Aix-en-Provence International Opera Festival, is aware of how literature resists attempts at illustrative adaptations and the traps of the commonplace. The extravagance of this work, in his view, lies in the sensation of finding something “absolutely familiar” to our lives, an ever-pressing shock to the system for the reader, which he makes into the vanishing point of his theatrical project.




Creative team

Devised and staged by: Christophe Honoré
Scenography: Alban Ho Van
Light design: Dominique Bruguière

(Currently being casted)


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