The Comédie-Française is probably the only theatre in the world that is repository of a theatrical heritage spanning over three centuries. The creation of productions, the institution’s first mission, draws from this history, and the works that represent the stars of the Troupe accompany the actors in their everyday work. They rehearse under the gazes of Molière, Rachel and Talma.

Seneca at the Studio-Théâtre, Lars Norén at the Salle Richelieu... the contrasts are stimulating.

The Comédie-Française has always been a house steeped in history and creation while reflecting its time. Between continuity and contemporaneity, or classicism and modernity, it is a Janus-like institution, one that clearly constitutes a “place of memory” for France, but a very living memory.

Here, heritage inspires creation and works live with the artists. This mutual enrichment is one of the productive factors of this theatre.