The La Grange database

The Comédie-Française preserves treasures it has accumulated over the three centuries of its existence. The La Grange database is the catalogue of this rich heritage, which is added daily with new entries describing the collections. The name of the database is a tribute to La Grange (1635-1692), an actor and loyal companion to Molière, who, in 1659, started keeping a register to record the life and activities of Molière’s troupe.

A unique catalogue for a highly varied heritage

More than 50,000 entries, more than 15,000 images online.

The database offers access to the non-exhaustive catalogue of productions and performances, to the historical records of the museum, to the audiovisual and image collections, as well as to certain archival documents. More than 50,000 entries, frequently illustrated, are freely available. This important database, managed by the library-museum, is updated and enriched daily.

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