“Theatre, because it does not fear contradiction, because it feeds on paradox, because it imposes no definitive interpretation or hierarchy, is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to try to understand.”


The Comédie-Française has always had a tradition of touring. Since its first official tour in 1869, it has performed throughout France and in more than 80 countries. These performances outside the walls make up between 10 and 20% of its programming every season. For the 2016-2017 season, Comme une pierre qui...(Like a Rolling…) after the book by Greil Marcus was performed in 15 towns in France and Switzerland, Goldoni’s Les Rustres (The Boors) in 24 towns throughout France and Europe and Victor Hugo’s Lucrèce Borgia in Moscow and Montreal. This year the troupe is going back on the road to share its productions with the largest possible audience, both French-speaking and non French-speaking as these productions are surtitled in the language of the host country.

SINGULIS « Les fous ne sont plus ce qu'ils étaient » de Raymond Devos

Conception : Elliot Jenicot
Collaboration artistique : Frédéric Faye
Lumières : Philippe Lagrue

Espace Legendre de Compiègne
Le 21 novembre 2017 à 20h30

La Comète, Scène Nationale de Châlons-en-Champagne
Le 9 mai 2018 à 20h30

Théâtre Princesse Grace de Monaco
Le 17 mai 2018 à 20h30

"Vania" after Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya

Directed by Julie Deliquet

"20,000 lieues sous les mers" after Jules Verne

Adapted and directed by Christian Hecq and Valérie Lesort
In 2015, Christian Hecq and Valerie Lesort took on the challenge of creating a show for actors and puppets. Six actors from the Troupe learned the art of puppetry in order to give life to the crew of the Nautilus and the deep-sea world around it. All the poetry and fantasy of Jules Verne’s work are found in this round-the-world voyage across the oceans on which children of all ages are delighted to embark. After two sell-out runs at the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier, the production is going on tour.

"Les Damnés" after Visconti, Badalucco and Medioli

Directed by Ivo van Hove
NEW-YORK JULY 17–28, 2018

  • Monday–Thursday at 7:30pm
  • Friday–Saturday at 8:00pm