“What the theatre has given me: the ability to escape from a small, narrow, strict world to join one that is inexhaustible and multiple, one that combines literature, poetry, politics and history. This is the theatre we work on every day, to transmit it to young audiences.”


Since 2009, the Comédie-Française has taken in young graduates from France’s leading theatre schools every season, who thus benefit from a unique extension to their training:

  • six actors, selected through an audition and an interview with the General Administrator

And since 2015:

  • a director-playwright
  • a scenographer
  • a costume designer

Selected through applications and an interview with the General Administrator and the person who is the head of their speciality at the Comédie-Française.

It’s already an old idea: that each theatre should incorporate a school and that the schools would be as different from each other as the theatres themselves.

Antoine Vitez

The Academy offers them unique practical experience working along side the Troupe, as well as with guest directors and the House teams. Together, at the heart of the Comédie-Française, their lessons shift between the stage, the sets and workshops, as well as in all the departments of our three theatres.

From school to reality, training leading to a diploma

For eleven months, while participating in the buzzing life of the Hive, they put the sum of the oretical and aesthetic learning acquired in theatre schools to the test of the stage. This is truly an immersion in reality.

Under the direction of major great artists (for example Alain Françon, Ivo van Hove, Christian Lacroix, Christiane Jatahy, Jacques Gabel and Ezio Toffolutti) and thanks to the classes given by the IGS, their training is crowned by an MBA in cultural project development.

The class of 2017-2018

  • The actors Matthieu Astre, Juliette Damy, Robin Goupil, Maïka Louakairim, Aude Rouanet, Alexandre Schorderet.
  • The director-playwright Marceau Deschamps-Segura
  • The scenographer Zoé Pautet
  • The costume designer Blandine Achard

With the patronage of the Caisse d’Epargne Ile-de-France and the Groupe IGS and the support of Mrs Hermand.


À l'occasion des Journées du Patrimoine, la Comédie-Française propose des visites-conférences de la Salle Richelieu les samedi 15 et dimanche 16 septembre à 9h30,10h et 10h30 (durée de la visite : 2h30).
Inscription par email uniquement le 4 septembre à l'adresse suivante :
(Inscription pour deux personnes maximum).
Nous organisons également des visites le reste de l'année :

Important : la location aux guichets et par téléphone est fermée pour l'été. Réouverture du service billetterie le 3 septembre à 11h.



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