Terms and conditions

For the three stages of the Comédie-Française, telephone reservations must be paid no later than 8 days after the reservation has been made. Beyond that limit, unpaid reservations are cancelled without notice. Payment by credit card is therefore advised.

Ticket delivery:

  • purchase at the ticket office: the ticket is printed and you receive it at the moment of purchase
  • purchase online: e-ticket (which you print yourself) or m-ticket (to download on your smartphone)
  • purchase by phone: more than 8 days before the performance date: the ticket is sent by post or by email in an e-ticket or m-ticket format. 8 days or less before the performance date: the ticket is sent only by email in an m-ticket or m-ticket format

Make sure to check that all information on your tickets is correct upon reception, because no claim will be considered after the performance date.

In the case of high demand, the Comédie-Française reserves the right to limit to 4 the number of seats per request.

Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged, except in case of the cancellation of performances on our part or in the case of the play being stopped before it is half way completed. Any request for a refund must be sent to us within 3 months of the cancelled performance.

In the case of late arrival, in order to prevent interference with the performance, numbered seats are not guaranteed after the curtain or once the doors of the auditorium have been closed.

For events taking place in the Coupole (Salle Richelieu) access is forbidden to latecomers.

No duplicate tickets can be provided expect when specifically agreed to by the Comédie-Française, at a cost of €1 per ticket, and only at the ticket check, with the exception of the Studio-Théâtre, where no duplicate is provided.


Attention :

  • Le Petit bureau sera fermé exceptionnellement le lundi 19 mars et il n'y aura aucune place de dernière minute disponible.
  • Mardi 20 mars, la billetterie, téléphone et guichet, ouvrira exceptionnellement ses portes à partir de 12h30, vous pourrez réserver sur notre site. Merci de votre compréhension.



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