Terms and conditions

Telephone reservations must be paid no later than 8 days after the reservation has been made. Beyond that limit, unpaid reservations are cancelled without notice. Immediate payment by credit card is therefore advised.


  • Online

All individual rates (except accessibility and last minute) are available online.
Persons benefiting from a job-seeker or minimum social allowances must register a digital copy of their proof of eligibility in their personal online space.
For the other reduced rates, you will be asked for proof of eligibility at the ticket check before entering the auditorium.
Handling fee: €1 per ticket, except for holders of the Carte Comédie-Française

  • Groups

All groups (school or other) must pay for their booking at least one month before the performance date, under penalty of the booking being cancelled without notice.

All groups (school and adult) must pay for their booking at least one month before the performance date, under penalty of the booking being cancelled without notice.
Schools: due to high demand, the Comédie-Française reserves the right to limit the number of reservations per school.
Adult groups: resellers may contact the group service for their reservations but do not benefit from group rates.

  • Gift Tickets

Reservation and payment exclusively with the booking service of the Salle Richelieu, by telephone or at the ticket counters. Add €5 to your payment if you wish to have your gift tickets sent to you by post (registered post mandatory). The gift ticket does not constitute a seat: any person holding a gift ticket must first make a reservation for the production of his or her choice. Gift tickets are non-refundable.

  • Pass'jeunes Opéra/Comédie-Française and Week-ends Opéra/ Comédie-Française

Reservations can only be made with the Opéra national de Paris.


  • Carte Comédie-Française rates

These rates are accessible within the limits of the available quotas.
For the Carte Adulte and the Carte Jeune: a preferential rate for up to two seats per production, the reduction applied to the second seat per production varying according to the age of the spectator, adult (-25%) or under 28 (-60%).
For the Carte Famille: a preferential rate for up to 6 seats per production: 2 adults and 4 children (under 18)
Carte rate -under 28: upon presentation of proof of age
Carte rate - under 18: valid only for Carte Famille holders, upon presentation of proof of eligibility.

  • Individual and group rates

Under 28 rate: upon presentation of proof of age
Rate for jobseekers and recipients of minimum social allowances: upon presentation of proof of eligibility dating from less than three months. Performing arts professionals (intermittents du spectacle) benefit from the jobseeker rate. The minimum social allowance rate is granted to recipients of the following social allowances: RSA, AAH, ASPA, ASS, ADA, ASI, and Widow's Allowance.
Sensory disability rate: rate applied only to performances with surtitles or audiodescription, see reservation conditions here .
Persons with a motor disability: persons with a disability who are recipients of a disabled adult allowance (AAH) benefit from the minimum rate, upon presentation of proof of eligibility dating from less than three months. Persons requiring an accompanying adult benefit from an exoneration for the latter, up presentation of proof of eligibility stating “requires accompanying adult”.

  • Last Minute rate

Available one hour before the curtain, without reservation, from the Petit Bureau (external ticket counter on the Rue de Richelieu). Seats with limited view (subject to availability, excluding reserved performances).

Ticket delivery

  • purchase at the ticket office: the ticket is printed and received at the moment of purchase
  • purchase online: e-ticket (which you print yourself) or m-ticket (to download from your personal online space)
  • purchase by phone:

- more than 8 days before the performance date: the ticket is sent by post or by email as an e-ticket
- 8 days or less before the performance date: the ticket is sent only by email as an e-ticket

Charge for sending tickets by post: €3
Charge for sending e-tickets by email: free

Make sure to check that all information on your tickets is correct upon reception, because no claim will be considered after the performance date.
In the case of high demand, the Comédie-Française reserves the right to limit to 4 the number of seats per booking request.

Conditions of use of tickets

Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged, except in case of the cancellation of performances on our part or in the case of the play being stopped before it is half way completed. Any request for a refund must be sent to us within 3 months of the cancelled performance.

No duplicate tickets can be provided expect when specifically agreed to by the Comédie-Française, at a cost of €1 per ticket, and only at the ticket check, with the exception of the Studio-Théâtre, where no duplicate is provided.

Conditions of admission to the auditoria

In the case of late arrival, after the curtain or once the doors of the auditorium have been closed, admission and access to numbered seats are not guaranteed in order to prevent interference with the performance. For events taking place in the Coupole (Salle Richelieu) admission is forbidden to latecomers.

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Suite au renforcement du plan Vigipirate, toute personne se présentant avec une valise ou un sac (hors sac à main) se verra interdire l'accès à l'enceinte des trois théâtres de la Comédie-Française.
Pour faciliter les contrôles, merci d'arriver au minimum 30 minutes avant le début des représentations.