"Pure praises do not provide a comfortable existence;
it is necessary to add something solid, and the best way to praise
is to praise with cash-in-hand"


The Comédie-Française is also commonly known as the Maison de Molière (House of Molière).

It was founded in 1680 through the union of two troupes, including that of the playwright, who had died eight years previously. It has perpetuated his work and his heritage for more than three centuries.
Author, actor, and troupe leader, Molière embodied the man of the theatre, engaged with his art and in the society of his time.

Les Comédiens-Français consider him their “patron”, their boss, tirelessly performing his theatre, celebrating it every year at the homage paid him by the Troupe on 15 January, the day of his baptism, and building an invaluable heritage around his work and its performance.

Molière is at the same time an ideal of the artist and a tutelary figure.