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“The Comédie-Française carries within it this utopia that consists of reading the present in the light of the past, its missions being too vast and the curiosity of its artisans too insatiable to be reduced to one meaning rather than another. The common catalyst remains its Troupe and all its departments, working tirelessly to lead you on these fanciful paths.”


Administrative Board, Reading Committee: the artists preside over the destiny of the Comédie-Française.

The Administrative Board

Chaired by the General Administrator, it is composed of seven tenured sociétaires – including the Doyen/Doyenne, who is an ex officio member – and two deputies. The composition of the committee is changed every year.

Precise composition:

  • Doyen/Doyenne, currently Madame la Doyenne Claude Mathieu.
  • three tenured sociétaires and a deputy elected by the general assembly of sociétaires.
  • three tenured sociétaires and a deputy appointed by the Minister for Culture, following proposals submitted by the General Administrator.

The Administrative Board deliberates on subjects affecting the life of the Troupe, such as:

  • nominations of actors to become sociétaires
  • the distribution of shares in the Société des Comédiens-Français

In a team boosted by two representatives from the technical and administrative staff and one representative of the pensionnaires, the Administrative Board examines and approves the budget and accounts by vote, as well as the decisive projects for the institution, in the presence of the Minister for Culture and budget controllers.

The Reading Committee

The Reading Committee examines the texts proposed by the General Administrator with a view to adding them to the Comédie-Française repertoire. Only works that have been registered in the repertoire, which ranges from Greek tragedies to contemporary authors, maybe performed on the main stage, currently the Salle Richelieu.

It is chaired by the General Administrator. It is made up of twelve members:

  • the entire Administrative Board
  • four personalities from the world of literature and the arts appointed for two seasons by the Minister for Culture, following proposals made by of the General Administrator.

Currently, these personalities are:

  • Mr Yves Angelo, filmmaker and cinematographer
  • Ms Séverine Daucourt, poet
  • Ms Florence Naugrette, theatre historian
  • Ms Sigolène Vinson, novelist

Staff structure


  • Institutional head: Éric Ruf
  • Director General of Services: Michel Roseau
  • Secretary General: Anne Marret
  • Technical Director: Benoît Simon
  • Director of Production and Artistic Coordination: Bertrand Schaaff
  • Director of Clothing Services: Sylvie Lombart
  • Director of Building and Equipment: Marie-Anne Geay
  • Director of Human Resources: Nathalie Bruyneel
  • Accounting Officer/Chief Financial Officer: Audrey Pracchia
  • Director of patronage and corporation relationship: Delphine de Gouyon
  • Curator-Archivist:Agathe Sanjuan
  • Literary advisor:Laurent Muhleisen
  • Deputy Technical Director:Patrick Moch
  • Assistant Director of Artistic Coordination: Claude Martin
  • Assistant Production Manager: Baptiste Manier

Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier

  • Associate general director: Margot Chancerelle
  • Technical director: Philippe Lagrue


  • Deputy administrator: Régine Sparfel
  • Technical director: Éric Dumas

Fondation pour la Comédie-Française

  • President: Marie-Claire Janailhac-Fritsch

Administrative Board (Until 1 January 2023)

General administrator: Éric Ruf
Doyenne: Claude Mathieu

Florence Viala
Laurent Stocker
Elsa Lepoivre
Gilles David
Suliane Brahim
Clément Hervieu-Léger

Christophe Montenez
Dominique Blanc

Reading committee

Examines and selects plays with a view to their inclusion in the Repertoire.

  • Yves Angelo
  • Séverine Daucourt
  • Florence Naugrette
  • Sigolène Vinson
  • and the Administrative Board
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Ouvertures des ventes pour les représentations du 19 septembre 2023 à début mars 2024 :

JEU 25 MAI à partir de 11h
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MER 31 MAI à partir de 11h
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Suite au renforcement du plan Vigipirate, toute personne se présentant avec une valise ou un sac (hors sac à main) se verra interdire l'accès à l'enceinte des trois théâtres de la Comédie-Française.
Pour faciliter les contrôles, merci d'arriver au minimum 30 minutes avant le début des représentations.