Art majeur

Created and directed by Guillaume Barbot


21 March 5 May 2024
Available soon


Art majeur

2024-03-21 19:30:00 2024-05-05 22:00:00

Available soon

The newest musical production at the Studio-Théâtre, featuring songs as the lead.

For a few years now, songs have been a major component at the Comédie-Française, where musical repertoires have been explored in several ways. Guillaume Barbot has been working at the crossroads of theatre and music for fifteen years; with Art Majeur, he aims for “a true concert-theatre” made up of songs which may have changed the course of human existence, and more broadly, ideally, changed the world.
As a story buff, especially when stories are told with music, he ordered pieces from five novel writers so that each performer gets a story to tell about a song which triggered an earthshaking event in characters’ lives. This matter stemming from fiction and poetry will ring aloud in this rock’n’roll show with brand new arrangements directed by Barbot’s age-old accomplice, Pierre-Marie Braye-Weppe. The goal is also to blast out some of the tunes that are ingrained in our collective mind, from Bashung to Dalida.
New tracks, famous tracks, forgotten tracks, secret or ritual songs, family hits or memory-filled choruses; the Troupe performers, who are well-versed in music and singing, dig into the major aspects of this art: Guillaume Barbot advertised “an hour of music, a 60-minute album with sung or spoken tracks all replete with the swinging of words, voices and recordings.”


JAN 24

With the generous support of Aline Foriel-Destezet, great patron of the arts.



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Pour faciliter les contrôles, merci d'arriver au minimum 30 minutes avant le début des représentations.