Singulis / Les Forçats de la route

by Albert Londres
Conception and interpretation Nicolas Lormeau


11 27 September 2020


Singulis / Les Forçats...

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“I remain convinced that a journalist is not a choirboy and that his role is not to walk in front of processions, scooping out rose petals from a basket. Our job is not to please, nor to do harm. It is to dip the pen in the wound.”

Albert Londres’ integrity has become an emblem of the journalistic profession.
In 1924, between 22 June and 20 July, he decided to cover the Tour de France cycling race. He brought a fresh eye, and his astonishment was total. The Tour de France had a length of 5,425 km at the time, nearly 2,000 km longer than it is today, the stages were twice as long and the conditions beyond reasonable. Step by step in this race, which was already extremely popular at the time, the reporter, a novice where cycling was concerned, met the riders, whether stars or unknown to the public. He wrote of the dust, the mud, the punctures, the cramps, the night starts and the many pills and anesthetics, testifying to the inhumanity of the conditions to which the participants were subjected and the inconsistencies of the rules: “one can get used to anything”, he wrote, “one need only follow the Tour de France for madness to seem like a state of nature.”
For this Singulis premiered in 2018, Nicolas Lormeau lends his voice to Albert Londres’ reports and to the 150 or so men riding “like dynamite” on bicycles without gears and on roads that were not really roads. From mountain stages, where the cyclists all risked their lives in the descents, to stages on the flat where flint ripped their thighs, the actor identifies himself with the great reporter and embodies this literary monument, a chronicle from another time.

Creative team

Design and performance: Nicolas Lormeau
Original music and sound: Bertrand Maillo


the company

With the voice of Pierre Hancisse


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