C’est lundi au Vx-Co : Colette, cette inconnue

Reading / Discussion with singer Juliette Noureddine and sociétaire Véronique Vella, led by Frédéric Maget.


11 December 2023
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C’est lundi au Vx-Co :...

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This new series revolves around the contents of the baccalauréat curriculum and around sports, a key national cause in this year of Olympics. Cast a joyful, sidelong glance on things by attending Vieux-Co Mondays.

“I want to do as I please. I want to perform in pantomimes, even plays. I want to dance naked if a leotard bothers me or mars my figure. I want to retire to an island if I please, or seek the company of women who make a living with their charms, as long as they are joyful, eccentric, or even prone to melancholia and wisdom, as many ladies of the night tend to be. I want to write books of sadness and chastity where the only characters are landscapes, flowers, sorrow, pride, and the charming guilelessness of man-fearing animals… I want to cast smiles upon all welcoming faces and steer clear of ugly, dirty, foul-smelling people. I want to cherish whomever will love me and bestow everything I own upon them: my body that hates to share, my oh-so-tender heart and my freedom!”

Colette, Les Vrilles de la vigne (The Tendrils of the Vine).




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