La Tempête

The Tempest
by William Shakespeare
French adaptation by Jean-Claude Carrière
Directed by Robert Carsen


9 December 2017 - 21 May 2018


La Tempête

2017-12-09 20:30:00 2018-05-21 20:30:00

Robert Carsen is an internationally known director and great connoisseur of Shakespeare’s work, which he has worked on in the opera many times. This staging of The Tempest will mark his first collaboration with the Troupe and his first time directing a theatre production in France.

This creator of images of an inspired beauty, also renowned for his direction of actors and the dramaturgical quality of his intentions, is taking on this play that has a special status in the Shakespearian repertoire. This “weaving of materials of incredible richness” that has always fascinated him, appeals above all to the imagination, drawing on a constant interplay of the real and the unreal.
In this text on power –political power but also power of thought– every moment and every word overturns our certainties. It opens on the tempest caused by Prospero, and with it, the shipwreck of his brother who has usurped his kingdom. The latter is marooned with his companions of misfortune on the island where the exile has lived for twelve years with his daughter Miranda and two spirits obliged to serve him, but who also seek their freedom: Ariel and Caliban. The storm that rages, especially in Prospero’s soul, will constantly erupt throughout the five acts, comments Robert Carsen. For the duration of the performance, the Salle Richelieu will transform itself into this island, a magical lair, a mental and psychological space he orchestrates while assuring us that “we are such stuff as dreams are made on.”

Creative team

Staging: Robert Carsen
Scenography: Radu Boruzescu
Costumes: Petra Reinhardt
Lights: Robert Carsen et Peter Van Praet
Video: Will Duke
Sounds: Léonard Françon
Dramaturgy: Ian Burton
Staging collaboration: Christophe Gayral
Scenography assistant: Philippine Ordinaire


the company

The Comédie-Française Academy

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Avec la participation d’Elsa Lepoivre dans le film.


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