ON TOUR / Le Malade imaginaire

by Molière
directed by Claude Stratz

On tour

21 December 2023 - 7 January 2024

On tour

ON TOUR / Le Malade...

2023-12-21 20:30:00 2024-01-07 23:30:00

“Molière’s final play begins in an atmosphere of day fading into night. It is a twilight comedy tinged with bitterness and melancholy.”

These were the words chosen by Claude Stratz, who has since passed away, to describe Le Malade imaginaire, which he directed in 2001, and which has been performed nearly 500 times since, making it one of those timeless productions visited by generations of actors from the Troupe. His stripped-back staging restores the infinite palette of this comedy-ballet.
On 10 February 1673, Molière, in the role of Argan, premiered his new play about a true or false invalid, a true or false doctor and a true or false music master: truly a comedy, but one steeped in drama. Seven days later, during the fourth performance, the lung affliction Molière had suffered from for years forced him to leave the stage and within a few hours he had succumbed. In these circumstances it is impossible not to see the shadow of the dying playwright hovering over the character of Argan who “in his own misfortune chooses to make us laugh”. While the quackery of doctors is one of the author’s favourite themes, in this satirical farce he takes aim at medical science itself, while also developing a dark and lucid meditation on the fear of death. Written by a Molière weakened by Lully’s intrigues, in royal disgrace and despondent following the deaths of his son and his lifelong friend Madeleine Béjart, his last play is nonetheless one of his most brilliant comedies.
Claude Stratz

Comedy in 3 acts

Production premiered on 22 February 2001 Salle Richelieu
Work first performed: 10 February 1673 at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal
Comédie-Française premiere: 6 September 1680 at the Théâtre de l’Hôtel Guénégaud
2,495 performances of the work by the Comédie-Française since its premiere, including 506 in this production



Creative team

Staging: Claude Stratz
Scenography and costumes: Ezio Toffolutti
Light design: Jean-Philippe Roy
Original music: Marc-Olivier Dupin
Choregraphy: Sophie Mayer
Make-up, wigs et prostheses: Kuno Schlegelmilch
Assistant stage manager: Marie-Pierre Héritier
Scenography assistant: Angélique Pfeiffer
Make-up and prostheses assistanat: Laurence Aué and Élisabeth Doucet


the company

and children
Mathilde Clément : Louison (alternating)
Elisa Cronopol : Louison (alternating)
Alice Javary : Louison (alternating)

and singers and musicians :
Élodie Fonnard : soprano (alternating)
Leïla Zlassi : soprano (alternating)
Jérôme Billy : ténor (alternating)
Étienne de Bénazé : ténor (alternating)
Geoffroy Buffière : baryton-basse (alternating)
Ronan Debois : baryton-basse (alternating)
Jean-Jacques L’Anthoën : baryton-basse (alternating)
Jorris Sauquet : clavecin

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Nous vous rappelons également qu’un seul sac (de type sac à main, petit sac à dos) par personne est admis dans l’enceinte des trois théâtres de la Comédie-Française. Tout spectateur se présentant muni d’autres sacs (sac de courses, bagage) ou objets encombrants, se verra interdire l’entrée des bâtiments.