Les Fourberies de Scapin

by Molière
Directed by Denis Podalydès


3 February 26 June 2024
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Les Fourberies de Scapin

2024-02-03 20:30:00 2024-06-26 22:30:00

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Denis Podalydès opened the 2017 season with" Les Fourberies de Scapin", which has been performed more than 1,500 times by the Troupe since 1680.

This “troupe play, written not for the Court but for the people”, received acclaim when it premiered in 1671 at the Palais-Royal, which was undergoing some construction work. For this play, Molière wished to free himself of the constraints of comédies-ballets and machinery-driven comedies and come back to “pure theatre”, giving great freedom to the director.
The action is set in Naples, opening a door onto an imagined maritime world stretching towards the Orient. In a set suggesting a town port, two sons, two thwarted lovers, turn to the crafty Scapin, driven by a mad desire for revenge, to help them with their authoritarian fathers. The character is a Scaramouche double, as Molière was fascinated by the adventurous Italian actor: “To tell you the truth, there are very few things I cannot do, when I made up my mind” declares the buffoonish servant whose name, as Denis Podalydès points out, derives his from the Italian scappare, “to escape”, “to scamper off”.
Scapin is beaten with a stick, but does some serious beating too. With ransom demands and paternal contradictions all around, he comes up with an avalanche of stratagems and other tricks Molière excels in depicting. After being performed over 50 times on tour and broadcasted in cinemas, this joyous tale of children triumph over fathers is back to the Salle Richelieu.

This show premiered on Sept 20, 2017 at the Salle Richelieu.

SEPT 6 > OCT 17



2h without intermission


Creative team

Direction: Denis Podalydès
Scenography: Éric Ruf
Costumes: Christian Lacroix
Light: Stéphanie Daniel
Sound: Bernard Valléry
Make-up: Véronique Soulier-Nguyen
Artistic and choregraphic collaboration: Leslie Menu
Assistant direction: Alison Hornus
Assistant scenography: Dominique Schmitt


the company

and the Comédie-Française Academy actors.


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