Le Sicilien ou l'Amour peintre

by Molière
artistic direction by Nicolas Lormeau

7 March 2022

Le Sicilien ou l'Amour...

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“Working at a table is a – practically – compulsory stage in the process of creating theatre, and it is usually where we start!

A large table set up in the middle of the rehearsal room, around it are placed as many chairs as necessary: in no set order; the actors, the stage manager, the creative team, the artistic assistants and, of course, the director take their seats.

The director introduces everyone to everyone else. He explains his dramaturgical approach, in short he explains what is going to be told and how! Then the play is read by the actors and the director explains his thoughts... and we start again: dramaturgical intentions, reading, comments...
This work generally ends with a final reading... and at this point – theoretically – the actors express the intentions, the stakes, the relationships, the proximities, the distances, and it is almost as if you were looking at the sets and costumes... It is this final reading that we invite you to attend, either through your screens, or with us at the Studio-Théâtre.

This short comedy ridicules the morbid jealousy of the old husband of a young and pretty woman. Through a cunning valet, a young lover whisks his beloved away from under the nose of the cuckolded husband!

It is all so predictable, yet we shall endeavour to seek out the truth and the depth of feeling in the piece... After all, the love of farce is still love! Welcome to our rehearsal room.

Nicolas Lormeau

With the patronage of François Jerphagnon

Creative team

Artistic direction: Nicolas Lormeau
Director: Clément Gaubert


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