after Uncle Vanya by Anton Tchekhov
Directed by Julie Deliquet


21 September 6 November 2016



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Sonia and her uncle Vanya have taken care of the family estate for years. When her father announces his decision to sell it, the bonds holding together the little community gathered on the estate begin to come undone.

With Uncle Vanya, Chekhov creates an “entirely new form in the drama” according to Gorky, who in a letter to the author wrote: “I started to tremble in admiration of your talent, and tremble in fear for the people, for our colourless, miserable life. How wholesomely you have struck and how accurately”. At the time, Chekhov was criticised for depicting everyday life too closely, whereas today one is impressed by how the play so deeply probes the stirrings of the soul.
Chekhov was 36 years old when he wrote this play, the age of the director Julie Deliquet. As the artistic director of In Vitro, she is an emblematic figure from the new wave of collectives that have stemmed from tg STAN and Les Possédés. Her approach to staging is squarely grounded in the actor and this four-act play in which there are no changes of scene is ideal material for her “theatre of reality” attuned to the present, a present whose fragility she is drawn to. In a stripped-back production set on a traverse stage that places the audience right next to the action, the actors are fully associated with the creative process, collectively generating the dynamic that drives the production in their exchanges. By appropriating this constellation of solitudes every night, they reassure us that the force of theatre is to be a living art.

Creative team

Staging and sets: Julie Deliquet
Costumes: Julie Scobeltzine
Lights: Jean-Pierre Michel et Laura Sueur
Music: Mathieu Boccaren
Collaboration: Julie André
Scenography assistant: Laura Sueur
Translation: Tonia Galievsky and Bruno Sermonne


the company

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    Elena Andreievna Serebriakova, femme du professeur

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    Ivan Petrovitch Voinitzki (Vania), fils de Maria

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    Alexandre Vladimirovitch Serebriakov, professeur à la retraite

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    Mikhaïl Lvovitch Astrov, médecin

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    Ilia Ilitch Tielieguine, propriétaire ruiné et employé du domaine

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    Sophia Alexandrovna Serebriakova (Sonia), fille du professeur d’un premier mariage

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    Maria Vassilievna Voinitzkaia, mère de la première femme du professeur

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