La Résistible Ascension d'Arturo Ui

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
by Bertolt Brecht
Directed by Katharina Thalbach


1st April 30 June 2017


La Résistible Ascension...

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Brecht was in exile in the United States in 1941 when he finalised this play where, as noted by critic Bernard Dort, the distancing effect is more than ever a “process of deconditioning and destroying ideologies”.

The German dramatist seeks to dismantle the mechanisms of Hitler’s rise to power by transposing the action to the Cauliflower Trust crisis in 1930s Chicago. From Hitler to Al Capone, from Nazism to the criminal underworld, the methods are the same: intimidation, blackmail, embezzlement, threats and murder, right up to and including grotesque and Chaplinesque elocution lessons so as to better enable Aurtuo Ui to harangue the crowds. “The belly is still fertile...” warned Brecht. As we mark the sixtieth anniversary of his death in 2016, Arturo Ui comes down to us from the past and still speaks in the present. The inauguration of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui in the Repertoire has been entrusted to a historical figure of the Berliner Ensemble, Katharina Thalbach, the daughter of Benno Besson and Sabine Thalbach, an actress in Brecht’s company. After her mother passed away, Katharina Thalbach grew up under the protection of the company, particularly that of Helene Weigel, Brecht’s widow, who succeeded him as head of the Berliner. A renowned director of theatre and opera, she will share the epic breadth of this “political farce” in a staging free of dogmatism and in the tradition of these inspired thespians.

Creative team

Staging****: Katharina Thalbach
Scenography and costumes****: Ezio Toffolutti
Lights****: François Thouret
Choregraphy****: Glysleïn Lefever
Sounds: Jean-Luc Ristord
Music: Vincent Leterme
Artistic collaboration****: Léonidas Strapatsakis
Assistant stage manager****: Ruth Orthmann

Translation****: Hélène Mauler et René Zahnd


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