La Règle du jeu

The Rules of the Game
after the screenplay by Jean Renoir
Directed by Christiane Jatahy


4 February 15 June 2017


La Règle du jeu

2017-02-04 00:00:00 2017-06-15 00:00:00

A cinematographic masterpiece whose scenario has become a classic, La Règle Du Jeu (The Rules of the Game) is entering the Repertoire in a staging by Christiane Jatahy.

This Brazilian artist, revealed in France in 2013, presented a virtuoso adaptation of Chekhov’s Three Sisters: What If They Went to Moscow? in March 2016. Since her first stagings, she has worked on the interaction between theatre and cinema as well as on the relationship between the actor and the character, reality and fiction. Combining dramatic rigour and formal vivacity, she follows in the footsteps of Jean Renoir – who was inspired by Musset’s The Moods of Marianne and Beaumarchais’ Marriage of Figaro – to create this theatrical version of La Règle Du Jeu that crosses the boundaries between disciplines to sublimate their codes. On stage and on screen, the actors are at the centre of operations of connection: depth of field, shifting points of view, the camera captures emotions and surprises situations.“We are dancing on a volcano”, said the filmmaker of his “dramatic fantasy” shot in 1939. Now, in step with changes in contemporary society, the director orchestrates the vaudevillian devices and tragic dimension of La Règle Du Jeu in the same movement. Mirroring the castle of the Marquis de La Cheynaye, the stage of the Salle Richelieu becomes the setting of a mise-en-abyme of role playing and epochs, of the here and now.

Creative team

Staging: Christiane Jatahy
Director of photography: Paulo Camacho
Scenography: Marcelo Lipiani et Christiane Jatahy
Artistic collaborator: Henrique Mariano
Costumes: Pascale Paume
Lights: Marie-Christine Soma
Video: Júlio Parente
First assistant: Juliette Crété
Second assistant: Marcus Borja
Sound operator: David Rit
Film editor: Julie Delord
Sound editor: Olivier Walczak
Mixer: Matthieu Cochin
Calibrator: Olivier Cohen
First assistant operator: Marie Deshayes
Assistant sound operator: Arnaud Trochu
Editor assistants: Charles Blengino et Caroline Bevalot
Make-up: Claire Cohen
Movie electrician: Julien Bouvier
Movie graphic designer: Nicolas Meunier
Production advisor: Yvonnick Le Fustec
Movie technical advisor: Gérard Lafont


the company

The Comédie-Française Academy

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Piano: Marcus Borja


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